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Potato and Truffle exhibit


The City dedicates queasta review the two most prized tubers and typical of the area, the white truffle and white potato.

The combination of potato and white truffle is celebrated with the usual Pietralunga show the market that offers all visitors the pleasure of tasting produced two jewels of the area.
The white truffle, truffle, also called, will be in the windows of forty exhibitors, along with another tuber, the white potato, whose production in Pietralunga reach peaks of excellence. A jewel of the table where Pietralunga devotes three days of tastings, performances, exhibitions and conferences and the opening of the stands, craft workshops and exhibition of paintings in the boardroom of the City. To delight the palates of the attendees from 20 onwards you can enjoy dinner in gourmet white truffle in restaurants and shops in the old town, for the duration of the event. The event, which in addition to the products of the earth gives space for the arts and crafts typical of the area, continue during the following days with conferences, competitions truffle dogs, organized by the Upper Tiber Valley Tartufai Giretone in the locality, which will end with the awards ceremony in the square. Following, then, it will run "The Tartufissima" Running the race of the Marathon Club. Saturday and Sunday, in addition to dinner, you can enjoy delicious meals made ​​with truffles, always within the local shops, and listen to folk music in the square and the streets of downtown.