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Nature trail of Candeleto
Nature loop trail in the natural reserve of Candeleto: 4 stations with boards illustrating wildlife in the reserve as well as a number of botanic tables with description of trees and shrubs in the area. Along with the Museum of birds and nature of Candeleto and the Center for rehabilitation of wildlife, it is part of the Environmental Education Center of Candeleto, a must-see for all those who want to know more about the Valley of Carpina.
Starting point is the Command Station of the State Forestry Corps of Candeleto, which can be reached from Pietralunga via road No. 201 to Umbertide, turning right at km 20.1 towards Candeleto’s residential area; signposts for the afore-mentioned museum and command station soon lead you to destination (there is a large parking lot). Once you are done with the museum (609m of altitude, km 0,0) you can start climbing the nearby trail along the camping, following the blue-white signs; once you have reached the paved road in Coldifiore, take the dirt road uphill in the woods, in front of the first station (board of the PINETA, 640m of altitude, km 0,4). Continue in the woods with firs on one side and oaks on the other, until you arrive at the top of Mt. Croce and here, past a horrific communication antenna, you can see the opposite side and the second station (board of the COUNTRYSIDE, 711m, km 1,2); here you can enjoy views from the wonderful Valley of Carpina to Mt. Acuto. The trail marked by blue-white signposts continues along the road of Valmartino and then drops until an intersection, where you turn left and arrive at the third station (board of the OAK WOOD, 696m, km 1,6). The oak wood looks more mature in this section and the trail winds down amongst different kinds of oaks. The fourth station (board of the CANYON) is reached before you cross the most humid and darkest point of the trail, Fosso del Venio (588m, km 2,4). In short, here is where you see the gravel road of Caipizzichelli and take it to the left until reaching a fountain after a few hundred meters, which marks the beginning of the Flora trail (board of the COUNTRYSIDE, 711m, km 2,8): Here the blue-white signs are joined by some green-white colored signals, while a number of botanic helps along the route help you identify plants and trees. Past the sawmill of the Mountain Community Authority and the Center for rehabilitation of wildlife, the trail leads you back to the museum (609m, km 3,5).